Looking back to 2011

2011 is at its end – successful for one and not that lucky for others. A new and shiny year is ahead and whether it brings us more good times or the end of the world (oh those Mayans), it is a nice time for everyone to look back and see what has changed. Here are just few things you and us achieved together:

  1. Following your desires and direct needs, Fortumo expanded to 13 new countries. This allows the staggering number of 3,5 billion subscribers pay through their mobile devices in 61 countries!
  2. Thanks to you, our awesome customers, Fortumo won the prestigious Estonian Entrepreneurship Award 2011 and was a Red Herring Top 100 Eruope finalist.
  3. In the global world we all strive to be able to communicate with as many people as possible. In payments business localization has even bigger role- it increases the conversion significantly. That is why Fortumo payment services support today 32 languages.
  4. Taking us one step closer to our users, Fortumo’ US team moved to a new office in San Francisco.
  5. Always answering the needs of all developers at the market, Fortumo was the first payments provider to release mobile payment solution for HTML5 apps and games.
  6. Believing that you need the best, we worked hard on scaling the system for better stability by connecting new servers and bringing intensive components to cloud.
  7. During 2011 the number of service-providers registered with Fortumo reached more than 60 000 and what is even more astonishing is that they have created over 206 000 mobile payments services.
  8. We tried to get personal attention and help every developer – big or small – that is why Fortumo’s team was always with you in over 40 industry events all over the world.

In the last hours of 2011, share with us some of the moments that you liked the most during the year.

And Happy new year, everyone!