History of Mobile Marketing: Dunkin Donuts

DDonutsAs of today we will start a new weekly topic. It’s called “History of Mobile Marketing” and here we will present successful SMS-based campaigns from the first written SMS till now. Some of them are not so creative, and some of them are a real work of a genius but all have contributed greatly to the ones that ordered them. They can help you create your winning idea and take you to the top…who knows?

Today’s case will be about Dunkin Donuts.
In 2002 Dunkin Donuts, Italy started an SMS campaign that was based on interaction with their customers and aimed at increase of the revenue of 7 of their retail stores and finding new local employees. They wanted something different that will attract people’s attention as they were new to the market in Italy where Sweet & Co was already the local ruler there. The results were stunning – 9% increase in sales for Dunkin Donuts and a lot of interested customers. But what have they done?

The promotion was a combination of print, outdoor, and broadcast advertisements which allowed the customer to participate by entering five-digit short codes into their Web-enabled mobile phones. After sending it, a coupon for purchase of a donut was sent back to the customer. But the good things continue – if you use the coupon at any Roman store of Dunkin Donuts you’re automatically entered into a drawing to win a free Piaggio scooter.

“Young people between 18 and 30 are the largest users of SMS in Italy, and are also a target market for Dunkin’ Donuts,” says Michael Correletti, international business manager for Dunkin’ Donut’s worldwide franchise network. “This was an opportunity to communicate directly to our core customers.”

The success of the campaign is undisputed. The overall sales also increased with 20% even during the first week. Many of the customers have heard about the SMS-coupons by radio-ads or by some of the many promotional leaflets and posters. The combination of print, outdoor, or broadcast advertising proved to be working again.

GianLuigi Contin, Dunkin Donuts franchisee, says, “We are directly reaching our targets with a message they can understand. Cellular coupons are not cute promotions, rather they are serious marketing tools that not only extend the brand but are also directed towards the people we want to reach.”

As a conclusion, SMS, if used in an ethical way as in the case above, is one of the best ways to get to your prospective customers without being annoying and still offering them a glimpse in your offers, while allowing interaction. So what are you waiting for?

(the creator of the Dunkin Donuts SMs-campaign was AdreAct)