Barnes & Noble Partners With Fortumo To Bring In-App Purchasing To NOOK

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Barnes & Noble to bring in-app purchasing to NOOK tablets.

Not only does NOOK – in our opinion – have the most user-friendly and best value Android tablets in the US and UK market, what’s more important is that NOOK Apps developers are reporting 3 to 4 times the app sales┬áthan with other stores. With in-app purchasing, you can soon make money on freemium apps as easily as from paid apps.

In-app purchasing on NOOK is using the same Fortumo in-app payments integration that developers are already using to make money in other Android stores. What does it mean?

For Fortumo’s existing customers, it means that no additional development effort is needed. You can keep your current integration, just update the SDK (to ver 9.0.) and you’re good to go!

For NOOK developers, it’ll mean that with one simple Fortumo integration, not only are you able to make money on all NOOK tablets (which alone is more than worth the integration), but you can also distribute the same app in other global marketplaces and monetize with mobile operator billing.

In-app purchasing on NOOK is currently in pilot phase, scheduled to open to all developers soon. Interested in participating in the pilot or want to be the first to know when the program is open to all? Let us know!

Press release here.